Mentoring & Academic Development

How It Works

At The Center for MARCUS, the enrolled students are provided with a personal tutor to assist them with their educational needs and goals. They are also provided a personal mentor whose job it is to work with the student at mastering and refining the gift or skill they identified and showcased during the interview process. Throughout the year students are exposed to various cultures, and participate in trips and outings that we sponsor.  They are also afforded the opportunity to volunteer at fundraisers and other events The Center for MARCUS hosts regularly.

Additionally, students are expected to attend conferences and trainings held at the center; our guest speakers provide valid and relevant information as well as share their own personal experiences.  There are at least two events yearly in which the students showcase their talents in a performance. These events are fundraisers, as The Center for Marcus is a not– for– profit organization. These fundraisers provide an opportunity for our participants to build confidence through performance and networking with Center for MARCUS supporters, and donors.

Here at the Center for MARCUS, we are extremely grateful to our community supporters, and committed donors who support our endeavors, and so we honor our donors at these events as well.  We strive to ensure our students know we, at the Center for MARCUS, the community supporters, and committed donors, are all proud of them; supporting them; and we believe in them.


Students who successfully complete the programming at The Center for MARCUS acquire volunteer hours and have access to an unlimited amount of resources. Students are guaranteed letters of recommendation, and their post secondary application fees are waived.

If you or someone you know might benefit from this program please visit us on the web and review the application/interview process or contact our Admissions office for more information.