Getting Involved: Opportunities for the General Public

Longevity for any non-profit organization to offer quality services directly to participants; and its ability to positively impact the surrounding community is support from individual and business partnerships. Volunteerism and financial contributions offset cost for services, events, seminars, and so much more; as it relates to the Center for MARCUS; our programs and services are specifically customized to optimize participants ability to confidently present their unique gifts and talents to a broad audience. We promote academic and cultural exploration; and seek to cover college application fees, host excursions that broaden the horizon of our participants, and continue to provide showcases for the continued confidence building and display of participant abilities.

We are humbled and very grateful to those organizations/businesses and individuals who have participated as sponsors, and are for those of you considering joining as a volunteer, donor, or sponsor.

Become a CFM Volunteer:
Everyone has something to offer, and that includes YOU!
Learn how to become a CFM Volunteer by submitting an information request to, I Volunteer

Additional Opportunities:

  • CFM Donors & Sponsors support general programming such as the college application waiver program, the summer I Am Lovable And Capable camp, the Mentoring and Academic Development efforts, and CFM Showcases. Follow this link to Support CFM
    • Levels of Support
      • Honorable Mention
      • Badge of Honor
      • M.A.D. Supporter
      • Individual Partner Sponsor
      • Organization Sponsor
      • Corporate Partner Sponsor

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